Lipedema Lady Episode 1Cynthia Harmon Weller & Jessica Noelle Harmon

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Lipedema patient Cynthia Weller speaks about her struggle with fat disorder lipedema, that she was not correctly diagnosed, and the debilitating effect of lipedema pain on her professional life. Despite several treatments – MLD, wrapping, compression hose – she was still plagued by pain. Cynthia’s fighting spirit and commitment to educating herself brought her in contact with a community of lipedema and lymphedema patients and with Dr. Herbst. Dr. Herbst examines Cynthia and her daughter Jessica, who has Stage 1 lipedema, and discusses the genetic hereditary nature of lipedema within families. Dr. Karen L. Herbst is an Endocrinologist and Adipose Tissue Disorder Specialist at the University of Arizona Medical Center in Tucson.