The Dutch guidelines for lipedema are comprehensive and useful in diagnosing this disease.

Clinicians to Clinicians

Mark L. Smith, MD, FACS

Mark L. Smith, MD, FACS

“As a physician, many of us have struggled with diagnosing things that we are not familiar with and often, we’re limited by the fact that we’ve just never seen it before and we’ve never read it before or heard about it. And Lipedema is one of those conditions unfortunately that falls into that category. And so we’ve asked physicians who’ve shared that same experience to speak with you and to share their insights in how they’ve come about learning more about Lipedema and how a physician can become an advocate for their patient, help them navigate the healthcare system, and empower them to help themselves.” ~Dr. Mark Smith

Hello, colleagues. My name is Dr. Matthew Carmody and I’m an Assistant Professor at Harvard Medical School. As an internal medicine practicioner, I find care of obese patients to be challenging and important…READ MORE >

Kimberly Gudzune, MD, MPH; Johns Hopkins Medical School
Matthew Carmody, MD, Harvard Medical School

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